All donations made to Noah's Ark, whether big or small, enable Noah's Ark to do its work. Board members, missionaries and volunteers do not receive any salary.

You can make a donation to Noah's Ark using PayPal and if you live in the European Union via a direct bank transfer. Noah's Ark is a registered NGO in both The Netherlands and Uganda.

PayPal through Safe Landing Ministries (USA)

Safe Landing Ministries is Noah's Ark's official representation in the United States. Safe Landing Ministries is a 501C3 Tax Deductible Charity.

Paypal through Noah's Ark in the Netherlands

For donations outside of the USA we also refer you to our Dutch office.

Bank transfer (EU)

Stichting NACMU Sliedrecht

Internationa Bank Account Number (IBAN)
NL84 RABO 0362 4140 17

Bank Identifier Code (BIC)